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Marta Lolita

Sexuelle Orientierung:
Porto / Portugal
Beschreibung (Translator):
Am I a Escort lolita? according to the dictionary, a lolita is a girl, a young girl, dressing and behaving in a seductive way, loving to flirt and tease, a young girl who has a very sexual appearance or behaves in a very sexual way, a seductive adolescent girl, or shortly put a sexually precocious young girl I?m what you can call a Lolita,a ninfeta, a teenager with a voracious apettite to have sex. I have the face of an angel with kind eyes and beautiful smile. A lovely curly brown hair just like the hair you only see in dolls and gorgeous and expressive brown eyes. My body is not what you are used to see around there, after all I?m not the typical girl you are used to see. I?m a petite fille, very thin, tinny but with a body that is the proof that god exists. Every inch of it is perfect, I have no scars, no celulite and to say the truth I don?t even know what that is. What can I say I was blessed with incredible gens. My body is perfect and almost untouched?. almost a virgin. Men usually call me of angel and doll. Well now here come the challenge for you, I invite you to step in my kingdom, were the laws are dictated by only the two of us in order to have tons of fun, pleasure, exciting moments and much more, of course always fullfilled with a lot of fantasy. I invite you to find out personally if I truely am a lolita? Hungry for care, attention, and a sexual appetite worth being called a lolita? Are you curious? Well let me open a little bit the curtain and enlighten you a little bit about my story. I recently made 20 years old, ?I?m not a girl not yet a women I ?m in between ?, and I was tired of standing behind mummy skirt and listening to daddy complaining about my ?naughty? behaviour. So now since I have reached majority and I?m incredibly horny,so i decided to go wild, to live by my own rules and to dare to do everything that I was told to me that was wrong to a well behaved girl to do. I?m tired of only watching porn movies, I want to experience it too. As you can imagine my experience is not a lot, after all i was locked from this world all This time, and only recently I was aloud to step out of my ?cage?. But I can tell you this much, I want you to teach me and i will learn well and quick. Have I convinced you? Do you want to meet me now? One thing I can assure you?. There are only two types of men out there. The ones that hang with me and the ones that are scared. I?m unforgettable. Want to meet me now? I hope you do! Call me, and I will go to your encounter. I will meet you in your room at your hotel. With me I will bring my involving and hot personality, my dazzling body and your gift (meaning me) will be wrapped in fancy lingerie full of vibrant colours. But don ?t worry I know how to behave and be discreet when I?m told so, I can be a well behaved girl too. I hope to see you soon and to learn a lot from you. XOXO Your Lolita PS: I am only satisfied if i hear you saying OMG this was awesome before i leave the room


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